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It's well known that website ranking success relies primarily on a well done link exchange strategy, which boosts the ranking in the search engines.

Finding, negotiating, implementing and, moreover, keeping the whole thing up to date and relevant is a very high maintenance activity.

That's why has develop a very complete, flexible and powerful application allowing to make the link exchange activities, like finding, negotiating, implementing and keeping up to date an automated easy process.

The exchange link manager LinkInvestigator allows you to carry out all the activities for a set of clients, while displaying the  exchanged link page directly and automatically on the website of the client. The periodicals and maintenance research activities are automated according to the customized client parameters.

In addition to the diversity and the flexibility of LinkInvestigator, a major difference that widens the gap between similar tools  : LinkInvestigatorgoes deeply across every Internet site to achieve live results, while almost all the other tools is fed by search engine indexes, which are never up to date.

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It's well known that website ranking success rely primarily on a well done link eschange strategy, which boost the ranking in the search engines ...

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